Remote Monitoring & Management

Mentorworld Remote Monitoring offers real time monitoring of your servers and keeps you informed about the availability of your Internet resources and their performance.

This helps your organization manage its web services efficiently allowing you to offer your customers highly reliable services with maximum uptime.

MENTORWORLD Observes Your Systems Round the Clock

Mentorworld Remote Monitoring is well beyond simply monitoring your web servers. It also keeps track of your applications, including mail, ftp, DNS, VOIP, video services or even a basic form running on your website. Providing you with remote accessibility and availability from anywhere, We tracks performance, the validity of data on your servers, and your digital certificates. Our Remote Monitoring uses its fast notification processes to notify you when your systems deviate from normal behaviors.

Mentorworld Provides Expert Monitoring Service

You can choose to monitor your systems in-house, or you can relieve your overworked IT staff of the burden. With our Remote Monitoring, monitoring your systems is not low on the list of priorities. Unlike your staff who must juggle multiple priorities, system monitoring will not be scheduled for “some time in the future.” Mentorworld monitors your system 24-7. No need to retrieve logs after a disaster occurs. We alerts you at the first indication of trouble. We provides your organizations with expert monitoring service and can assure you of a meticulous fulfillment of all your monitoring needs.

Mentorworld Remote Monitoring Helps You Analyze Deficiencies

In addition to monitoring and logging the performances of your resources continuously, Our Remote Monitoring also provides assistance in analyzing log files, making it easier determine the root cause of failures. Mentorworld also provides help in fixing deficiencies at the earliest stage of occurrence. Because it helps you prevent downtime by preventing bottleneck and other issues that may cause your networks to be unavailable, Mentorworld's Remote Monitoring helps your organization retain trust of your customers. Our Remote Monitoring allows you to focus on your core business; it focuses on your network’s performance.

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