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At Mentorworld., we believe that your business plans, strategies and tactics should drive your technology approach. With our years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to make the best recommendations for your business, while giving personalized attention to your needs.

The Technology Assessment process provides you with a good understanding of the current level of technology in your organization. This is the first step in developing a Strategic Technology Plan. The Technology Assessment will attempt to identify areas where improvements can be made and will make recommendations in areas such as infrastructure, security and personnel.

The Strategic Technology Plan defines the organization’s technology objectives and the path to achieve them. The plan addresses areas like strategy development, project priorities, budgeting, implementation responsibilities and staffing. Our consultants will assist you in preparing a technology plan which supports your business plan. The technology plan allows your organization to prepare for the future at a comfortable and affordable pace. Once completed and approved, the plan will guide your organization in the implementation phases and with annual updates as required.

Accounting Software Selection services help organizations determine their needs, choose the best product and installer, and improve the return on their technology investment. As organizations extend their accounting information, factors such as cloud delivery customization, reporting, database options, add-ons, web integration and underlying technology become critical. Our expertise is strengthened by strong, long-term relationships with accounting software vendors and by conducting thousands of training seminars for CPAs.

Technology Implementation and Integration services help the plan and recommendations become reality. With national resources, we bring together leading technology partners, as well as professionally certified systems engineers to benefit your projects. We continue to serve successful organizations from start-ups to billion-dollar companies.

Written Plans and Policies help an organization to perform well and succeed. They clearly define how technology is to be used and what to do should an emergency occur so as to minimize the economic impact of such a crisis. We have developed and implemented a number of these plans in multiple industries. Sample manuals and procedures with which we can assist you:

  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Disaster Recovery Plans and Emergency Preparedness
  • Strategic Technology Plans
  • PC, Email and Internet Usage Policies

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