Mentorworld Synergy has made it her commitment to impeccable designs and quality of production.This has made us the premier solution provider. Being the online arm of our company, we continue to grow and expand, reaching out to new allies.

Mentorworld Synergy deals in design and manufacture of Point of Purchase (PoP), Retail Store Interiors, Exhibition Stands, Interactive Kiosks, Retail Kiosks, Vending Machines, Mannequins, Portable Displays, Visual Merchandising Aids & Accessories, Digital Signage Networks, Outdoor Signage, Media Locations, Business Gifts and so on

Specialist designers with creative and intelligent ideas coupled with material expertise make us an unquestionable presence in the field. This is the main reason why we were able to execute multinational projects across the country.

From design and production to supply and installation, everything comes under one roof. This makes us the one-stop-shop for all things in the industry. We avoid run-of-the-mill designs to constantly come up with innovative and refreshing ideas that allow your company to stand out from the others.

Product Categories


Point of Purchase Displays

In a highly fragmented market, how do you get your product to stand out? Retailers have to find new and innovative methods of reaching the customer.


Retail Kiosks

Retail Kiosks or RMU (Retail Merchandising Unit) are special purpose kiosks which are customized with various accessories to make it a popular storefront alternative for small time retailers. They are ‘mini-stores’ and are also known as Mall Kiosk,


Interactive Kiosks

Why wait for a salesperson when there is an interactive kiosk close by? Interactive kiosks have revolutionized self service and taken information transaction to the next level.


Vending Machines

Nowadays there is not much that cannot be sold through a vending machine. From gold and diamond kiosks in luxury hotels to those that sell sushi and fishing bait, vending machines have come a long way.


Advertising Video Network

A digital sign network consists of a cluster of displays controlled by appropriate software for displaying mainly ads and other messages to a target audience.


Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage targets people ‘on the go’, when they are driving, on the bus or train, waiting at a terminal, shopping and so on. These ad spaces create larger than life images that the viewer cannot help but notice.

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