Firewall Security Management


Susceptibility for network attacks increases as the dependence on the computers and the Internet increases. It is impossible to turn back the clock on emerging technologies—and certainly you don’t want to go back. What you want is to safely conduct your operations without constantly looking over your shoulders in fear of security breaches. MENTORWORLD Managed Firewall is the solution you need to secure your infrastructure and protect your data from unauthorized entry.

What is MENTORWORLD Managed Firewall?

Our Managed Firewall provides a fully managed multi-layered internet security solution. Countless security threats lurk the Internet freeways. When you face attacks, you risk network slowdowns and the possibility of huge financial and customer losses. MENTORWORLD Managed Firewall offers a host of security features including firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting. In an information-hungry environment, the use and protection of data is crucial. MENTORWORLD Managed Firewall offers comprehensive protection through multiple security features that are integrated over a single managed platform.

Customer Specific Protection

MENTORWORLD Managed Firewall does not provide one-size-fit-all solutions. Instead, Our Managed Firewall begins with an analysis of your organization. Using a variety of penetration tests to assess risk and security vulnerabilities, the Our Managed Firewall team performs risk analyses to determine the best solution for your organization. Penetration tests involve simulating malicious attacks from both authorized and non-authorized network users. Based on the analyses, the Mentorworld  Managed Firewall team configures a security solution for you and recommends additional measures to keep your data infrastructure safe.

SecuringYour Network

 After completing risk analyses, the Mentorworld Managed Firewall team works closely with your IT department to configure security solutions for your organization. Together your IT staff and the Mentorworld Managed Firewall team deploy identity-based threat management solutions for your company. This deployment includes unique user identity based policies with real time granular monitoring and reporting of the user and network activity. To ensure 24-hour protection from potential threats the Mentorworld Managed Firewall service logs all attempted attacks, their sources and destinations. You need not worry about new threats because Mentorworld Managed Firewall provides patches that address new threat concerns.

Manage Network Security Solutions with Ease

 Organizations deploying multiple security solutions may find it difficult and resource intensive to maintain and manage them. Mentorworld Managed Firewall makes easy for you to manage the security needs of your organization’s IT infrastructure and resources. It becomes a single point of contact for all your organization’s network security related issues. Mentorworld Managed Firewall has a proactive support team, which believes in working with your IT team closely to prevent or fix deficiencies in your firewall protection.

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